Saturday 19 January 2019

Ten of the Best #144

Happy  2019 everyone. I've been away, and not doing much social media-ing. The danger of me posting this today is that one of my favourite questions - "If you haven't seen this, where have you been, living under a rock?" could very well be used on me today. Because I have. It was a big rock, next to a sand dune. And it rained a lot, and internet was down, or slow. So I read lots of books. A highly recommended experience. But I risk posting today all the stuff that you're all already bored with. Bear with me, I'm catching up. I am back at the spot with the best weather in the country at this time of year, and the wifi speed is epic. Grab your tea - I'm on my third cup already, and let's do this.

Trevor on the chaos that is our world these days...

The Golden Globes happened, and Fashion Critical weighed in on all the frocks and the suits - click through the photos, and read the description (no, not all the comments, it'll take way too long).

And if you missed the globes, there is only one moment you need to watch - it's the Glen Close speech. Wonderful emotional stuff.

And the question of the week - "is Gillette the best a man can get?" I've watched it, and honestly thought the ad was kinda "meh". If you haven't seen the ad or read the backlash from the men, here it all is - the ad and Tom Eaton's take on why it makes men so angry. Click the tweet below for the link - you may have to log in once there, but the content is free.

And my favourite counterpoint to this is a little girl asking Alexa, ever so politely to play "Baby Shark". Problem is, Alexa doesn't get it. So what does this little girl do? Well, she sure doesn't lose her personality. Bravo.

Stellenbosch Choir does it again - here's Baba Yethu. It's a wonderful performance. I love the interaction of the choir, with each other, their conductor. Glorious.

Katelyn Ohashi stunned the world with this floor performance. She got a perfect score.

Ellen on laughter and 2019 resolutions.

Loveliest places in Jozi these days.

Grace and Frankie is returning to Netflix in Season number 5, so Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda are doing the rounds - Ellen again, but it's funny. If you haven't seen Grace and Frankie under your little rock, it's worth a binge session or four.

Now here's a story, with a book recommendation. (Aren't those the best kinds of stories?) The story's rather sad - about how Suzette Elgin invented a language to better express feminist viewpoints, but no one really cared, even after three books. Kind of a story within a bigger story, right? I'm looking for her books though. Anyone else?

You can guess the end of this clip, but it doesn't make it any less funny, even in a foreign language...Cleverest dog.

That's all from me this weekend folks. Enjoy, wherever you are.

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