Thursday 4 October 2018

Self-HelpLESS by Rebecca Davis

Rebecca Davis lives in Cape Town - land of drought and money and 'undisputed epicentre of "alternative" paths to peace and enlightenment in South Africa'. She has recently given up booze, and is on a search for life's true meaning. She's not at all sure she'll find it, but reckons either way, it'll  make for a good story.

And it does.

Rebecca is clever, witty and has a way with words. A search for the meaning of life would have been entertaining with just these qualities. However, she is also brave (she dives right into things that'll make your hair stand on end or your toes curl, depending on your preferences) and she's also been through a lot. 

The honesty with which she talks about her alcohol addiction, her relationships, and her interactions with the world of sweat lodges, excessive exercise, psychedelic drugs, hallucinations and what life really means is what makes this book. It's alive with experience and Rebecca pokes fun at most things and people, including herself. It takes a special talent to see the funny side of life, and she has it. 

You'll read it over a few cups of tea in a day or so, and feel better for having done so.

4 stars


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