Saturday 1 July 2017

Ten of the Best #99

We're keeping it local this week. I don't know if the rest of the world is on a break or have just broken up with us, but what was mostly on your timelines was from nearby. So to kick off, an introduction to South African terms and customs. Click the pretty map.

To start with the really locally local - Eight best things about Jozi - with some fabulous pictures.

Wayde van Niekerk - how awesome is he setting a new record in the 300m? Mr Commentator could you please sound a little more excited? And stop calling him "van Niever". That is not his name.

'He didn't jump': Salim Essop gives a horrifying walk and talk through Ahmed Timol's last moments. If you don't know the story, have a read of the Zapiro before you click it for the video - Ahmed Timol died in 1971. While in custody he allegedly  "fell" from the tenth storey...

And in real life, in that beautiful Jozi, this week Peter Bruce and Tim Cohen are assaulted for telling the truth. #Truestory.

Max du Preez wrote this opinion piece on why "ANC cadres are revolutionaries no more". Again, we turn to Zapiro for the illustration...

There have been more revelations this week - from the excellent work done by our brave journalists, Richard Poplak wrote this brilliant summary. So many quotables - like : "But this country is, and always has been, full of special types of assholes". The article examines the infamous Gupta wedding and how it was funded. I was going to resist another Zapiro, but what the heck, we're on a roll.

My favourite string ensemble is also from Jozi (we see two of them at school, in fact!) - The Muses. Smells Like Teen Spirit.

The lost art of writing letters - what a lovely Bristow-Bovey read

Don't you just love/hate it when a headline is an epic fail? Like these?

A little kitten, raised by a Husky. Husky does this so well, the cat identifies as a dog now - watch. If this doesn't make your day a little better, you and your nearest and dearest must be a really tough crowd.

While I've been trawling your timelines, I've been looking for the funny. Ellen made me laugh this week. Here you go. It's the bonus bonus post - What you can learn from Youtube.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. I'm going to.

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