Sunday 24 May 2015

The Missing Piece by Kevin Lings

Kevin Lings, chief economist at Stanlib, has analysed the South African economy for 25 years. His reputation is one of pragmatism, honesty, passion and dedication to his work. This is evident in his writing.

The Missing Piece is a detailed source of economic information on South Africa's development since 1994. A refreshing break from the political grandstanding we see too much of in the daily press, this is factually based and gives an objective assessment of where we stand today. More importantly, he tackles how South Africa could improve further. His style is straightforward and non-accusing, emphasizing that there is a lot of good news, and that the shortcomings, given priority and commitment, can be made up.

This is an excellent resource for those studying business degrees. It should be required reading for those of us in business who advise, make decisions, or invest in South African businesses. I would place it on the desks of each person in government economic policy development - if only they would read it.

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