Sunday 3 May 2015

Good Girl. a memoir by Sarah Tomlinson

2 out of 5 stars

Since reading an excellent memoir, Karma, Deception and a Pair of Red Ferraris (Review here), I have been much more inclined to pick these memoirs up.

This one wasn't so good. I suspect that from now on, I will try out samples/read chapters in the bookstore before attempting the whole thing. It takes talent to write your own story in a way that others are interested. We all think that just because we have lives, they are interesting. That is only true if you are famous and have fans, and who wants a life like that?

This wasn't all bad. It was mildly entertaining, but a little too descriptive and self absorbed for me.

You may also enjoy Karma, Deception and a Pair of Red Ferraris by Elaine Taylor or Miss Fortune by Albina Hume

ISBN: 9781476748962

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