Saturday 11 June 2016

Ten of the Best #49

Welcome to the weekend. Party time! It's going to be celebration after party after feasting and having a blast.

And then there will be an after party after the party. I can't wait. Although a tiny part of me is exhausted already, and wants to crawl into bed with a book. It has been that kind of week. Too many reasons to celebrate. So we will.

But there is a little gap this morning. Time to appreciate the stillness of the morning, the quietness before the madness, and of course, catch up on social media. 

Every week I get worse. I find if I'm on my phone all the time, I just can't get to living real life, which is far better. So I limit myself. I save things for later, collect them in one spot and have a binge on a Saturday morning, when the coffee is hot, and the wifi speed at its fastest. I'm convinced that it is because the teenagers are asleep, finally.

Here we go - the ten of the best of what I saw this week.

Earlier this week, Richard Poplak wrote about 

The meaningless, monstrous ANC GP manifesto non-launch

If you missed it, it's worth a read. If you read it, I put it to you that it's worth a re-read. For bytes like "No one died on Saturday at FNB Stadium, although I’d wager that everyone present died a little inside." and "the mood in the stadium was that of a funeral service commemorating the life of a lecherous, drunken uncle." Nicely put.

My favourite colour is green. Really and truly. And I am an avid recycler. You too? Well, could you live in ReGen? I so could. Here, have a look. Click the beautiful picture for the story behind it.

The 50 most beautiful sentences in literature, in BuzzFeed's not so humble opinion. Which ones did they miss? Click the picture for the link.

Ellen got her producer so scared in this clip, it is actually very funny. Try not to snort your coffee. Very unbecoming.

In other news, Zapiro was voted as one of the top ten cartoonists in the world by online publication Top Teny. This article shows you the 12 cartoons the publication chose to showcase. Some were familiar, others I'd missed. All good.

My favourite blog post of the week is from Kelly Thorrington. "The night I give Richard Branson a blow job." I shall say no more. I couldn't even, anyway.

One of my favourite comedians is Jeff Dunham. He's funny, when he isn't being too rude. One of my favourite characters is Walter. As I get older, I find there are more and more people I know who remind me of Walter. Here, Walter and Jeff weigh in on the 2016 elections. Enjoy. (And as always with Jeff, this is adult content.)

I think someone should start a Flashback Friday. A "guess what this is?" from the70s or 80s. Here's a post to get you going. Kids were asked what these everyday objects were. The kids' responses are as amusing as the descriptive adjectives applied to the "olden days objects" especially for those of us who KNOW. 

And then, when I had already awarded the best blog post up above, this one. I'm done. Sorry Kelley Thorington, Branson and the blow job was good, but I think this takes the cake, or better still, the koeksister. 

We will sign out with James Corden. It's a Broadway Carpool Karaoke with Lin-Manuel Miranda, Audra McDonald, Jane Krakowski, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson. Watch to the end, it gets better and better. Legendary, in fact.

Ok, I hear those screams for "more". And there does have to be a bonus post this week - too much good stuff. It's cute pics of dogs and their children. Lovely images. 

Go and find your furry friend and show him/her some love. Oh, and have a happy weekend too. That's what it's here for.

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