Saturday 4 June 2016

Ten of the Best #48

Thank God it's Friday. I thought this week would never end. It's cold, and I just want to stay in bed forever. Or, at least for winter. Please?

I had no time to myself this week. Which means I had a great deal of catching up to do. I trawled through my Facebook, Twitter and other social media feeds, and found some great posts. Here they are, all in one spot. Hope you find something that makes you smile, think or be more intelligent this week. Happy reading.

Let's start with a shout out to all our teachers. They have it hard. Here are 28 typical teacher moments, with amusing pictures too. 

The BIG news of the week was the toddler that fell/went deliberately/wasn't being appropriately watched, so no wonder he wandered into the gorilla enclosure, that resulted in the gorilla being shot. It was a tragedy. I'll spare you all the shouting about whose fault it was, and just point you in the direction of this clever post - "Thousands stranded on the moral high ground". 

Trevor Noah was mildly amusing last week - why Donald Trump can't help being a chauvinist.


I'm entering into dangerous territory here. This post offers marriage advice. Yes, I know, I shouldn't. And yet I'm going to. You see this story is just too good not to share. And although it is written from a Christian perspective, it is simply a great story that will inspire you, whatever your belief system, to have a better marriage/committed relationship.

You know I love James Corden. He is so funny. But even more than James, I love Anne Hathaway. Here they face off in a "Drop the mic" rap battle. So mean. So good.

Elizabeth Gilbert writes that "Perception is everything". Hmmm.

This is so very naughty, but also hysterically funny. Language warning, for the easily offended. The burial of a beloved pet.

I found a Michael McIntyre clip I hadn't seen. "The man drawer". Very funny.

The Math Dancer. Love it.

And lastly, the cleverest mash-up of them all - 33 classical pieces, the little notes are the composers.

The link to the list of all the pieces (if you're interested) is here.

Have a soopah doopah weekend, peeps. I'm going to. 

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