Thursday 30 April 2015

My Review: The Last Road Trip by Gareth Crocker

4 out of 5 stars

Touching and funny, The Last Road Trip is a story of five friends, inspired by the death of someone they barely knew, to take a trip together to the Kruger and then through the Karoo in an old Chrysler Voyager.

The main characters Jack, Sam, Rosie and Elizabeth discover so much more than the sights that they set out to see. Their journey through this beautiful country draws us in to their unique and heart-warming life stories. Through support of each other’s quest to revisit the past and face the future, they learn more about life, and how to live it well. Gareth Crocker cleverly weaves their life stories together through witty dialogue and interactions with the colourful characters that they meet.

This is an uplifting read, and the stories told and imagery evoked will capture the imagination of most readers.

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ISBN: 9780143539094

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