Thursday 24 November 2016

Things Unseen by Pamela Power

Things Unseen is Pamela Power's second novel. Her first, Ms Conception, was a cracker, and I read it in an afternoon.

The opening scene is a murder. A fairly gory one in the cottage of garden of an upmarket northern suburbs of Johannesburg home, where Emma is married to Rick, a renowned gynaecologist. Their friends Sophie and Gay are often seen, as is Craig, Emma's ex, and Ross, Emma's brother. 

The whodunnit takes place in beautiful Jozi, and it had me gripped. The plot is clever, and moves at a great pace. The parties, lunches, coffee and book shops are recognisable and the voices ring true. They gossip, are loud, real and quite funny too - light relief from the scariness of not knowing who to trust.

Things Unseen is very different to Ms Conception. It is darker - the evil is constantly lurking and threatening to loom, which when it does - but no, that would be telling.

4 stars


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