Saturday 12 September 2015

Ten of the best #12

1.    Why did this not make the headlines? Ok, I know that the MAJOR news is that Homo Naledi is a new find that fills in gaps in the evolution story, but this – I found this fascinating. Did you know that it was a team of ladies, chosen for their petite frames that had to make their precarious way into the cave that was the home of Homo Naledi for generations. The BBC reported on it. Well done. Click the picture to read all about it.

2.    The Economist weighed in on SA’s shame.
I suppose it was a matter of time before the dots were connected in print, and the damning evidence written down. This has been on our minds since the debacle of Omar al-Bashir (Sudanese leader who was allowed to escape, despite being a criminal) Too bad that those who could change SA’s reputation will not read this, or if they do, argue why it is not true. So tired of this. 

3.    Don’t worry, it’s not all doom and gloom this week. This is glorious. Once upon a time a granny (aged 79) snuck out of a retirement home. Don’t you love those stories? This little granny surprised everyone, because of where she went. The Facebook link to the article doesn’t tell you where she went, because they want you to be curious and follow the link to find out. I’m here to tell you: “She went to a tattoo parlour. And the brave little granny got a tattoo.” Isn’t that delicious? For me it’s a whole new plot idea for a book. What I’m not going to tell you is what she said when someone not so clever asked what she thought her family would think. It’s right at the end. It’s hysterical. Bravo Granny Tatt. Click the pic.

4.    What would this post be without my friend Robyn? It’s a long article, but it is very insightful. Robyn speaks from personal experience and a genuine desire to see the number of adoptions taking place in SA increase – without sacrificing the necessary checks and processes necessary to ensure the safety of our most precious resource – our children. 

5.    This is also excellent. I know that we are getting serious again. (Sorry, I do that a lot – get too serious) I promise there is some light relief later. I haven’t seen many people write like this about rape. I am grateful that I cannot speak from experience, but from someone who can, this is wisdom and empowerment for men (and women) on one of the scourges of society. Thank you Helen Moffett.

6.    The shocking clip of the week, c/o my Facebook feed. It’s supposed to be funny, but for those of us with teens just learning to drive it isn’t. Don’t you hate it when you see a driver behaving “in a certain way” on the road that just convinces you they are on their phone, and when you can observe them, it is indeed true. This brings it home to roost.

7.    The ten careers with the highest percentage of psychopaths amongst their ranks. And no, actuary is not one of them…

8.   Staying with the psycho theme...I love behavioural analysis. The next article explains why Generation Y is unhappy. It has GYPSYs and unicorns and everything. Lovely stuff. Read it so that you know what everyone is talking about at that next dinner party.

9.    This is a short but hilarious clip. I am convinced it is entirely true. It’s what really happens when the boss is not coming in to the office.

10.  Let’s end with Suzelle. The lady is so talented. Here she explains how to get fit. And if you feel like watching more of her, I am sure that You Tube will make some recommendations after you’re done, so I’ll sign off here, and say have a great weekend everyone!

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