Tuesday 29 September 2015

Book Club Books

I published a page of book recommendations on the 17th June, for everyone who has to buy Book Club books. I can't believe that more than three months has elapsed since then. I think it's time to update those recommendations, don't you? If you don't find anything you like on the list below, read the old one - Bev's Best Books.

We never do this...

This list has something for most types of reader. I recently published a post asking what type of reader you are. Ask your Book Club members next month. It's here, and it also has a list of all that I am planning to read in the next few weeks. But let's not get distracted...stick to what we have read, and is good.

I am listing seven recommendations (so you can fit them in your book bag). The list below has a brief description, and if you click on the link or the picture of the book, you will find my full review.

Let's start with the non- intellectual reader. We will give you a light South African read. I do not have any friends that haven't enjoyed this book. They all loved it. (And so did I.) It's written by Pamela Power. She writes a popular soapie for TV. This girl is FUNNEE. She nails the life I live, and her book resonated with me. It also made me laugh out loud. That's a gift not many people have, except Trevor Noah, and he's gone now.
I got my copy back (from George) and will be putting it in my book club next week. Ms Conception is the story of Jo, her cheating husband, and how she balances life with two toddlers and work.

Next, for the reader of crime and all things gory: What about Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter? It is such a ride. it will have you guessing and second guessing, and will send chills up and down your spine. It got 5 stars from me. Not telling you what it's about, because I don't want to spoil it. But here's a clue - it's about Pretty Girls.

For the Seriaaas reader... those who like biographies and Booker Prize nominations. What about Still Alice, by Lisa Genova? This is the story of a woman who develops Alzheimer's. What makes it worse is that she is a professor of psychology, so she knows the drill. The author is a neuroscientist, who also knows what she is writing about. It's a lovely book. It will appeal to non-serious readers too. (And there's a movie - if all else fails, watch it, and pretend you read the book!)

Let's stay with the serious for a bit - something for that issue reader. She always wants to have a discussion about the books she has read. especially if they're about something important like global warming or slave trading. If you loved The Help by Kathryn Stockett, this may appeal. It is different, though, and more beautiful and descriptive than gripping. The Long Song by Andrea Levy is a lovely read. Oh and it was nominated for a Man Booker Prize too.

The historical fiction reader will love The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton. It is an astounding first novel by this talented young author. Set in Amsterdam in 1686, it is from that era when women had very little, and tells a story of Nella Oortmann who goes to meet her husband in his home, but he isn't there. This is just the first of many difficulties Nella must face. The book also manages to be a page turner of note. It is a little dark, and deeply atmospheric.

And here's one that just about everyone will love. It's a story about a family that have to move to a new neighbourhood, where something awful happens to the eldest daughter. It's about relationships, connections, and not knowing who you can trust. It's dramatic, gripping and will keep you reading late into the night. The Girls by Lisa Jewell. Trust me, you won't be able to put it down, and everyone will fight over it. Read it first, then take it to Book Club.

Lastly, a book that will appeal to a reader that enjoys something different. Let's call her the eclectic reader, shall we? Church of Marvels by Leslie Parry. Because it is different, it is difficult to compare to anything else. Perhaps Night Circus comes close? Again this is a first novel for this author, and it is a striking story. Set in New York, it's not at all about a church. It is shocking, haunting and features characters that are larger than life. It is an unforgettable read. Look at the cover. Don't you want to get your coffee and start reading?

Nothing appeals? Try Bev's Best Books.

Let me know in the comments below which ones you managed to get, or intend to try. Or make some other recommendations that your Book Club has enjoyed.

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