The Running Rants

How I imagine I look while running
I started running in 2005, inspired by a friend. Then I found another friend to run with. It was quite pitiful. We had this philosophy - always be able to have a conversation while running.

So we started with running slowly, and when we couldn't talk, we walked. Now we mostly run. Sometimes in order to keep our philosophy of having a conversation, we skip the run completely and go for breakfast or coffee.

We can't stop. Running and talking. We solve everything - from relationships (sisters, mothers inlaws, exes, children, and even domestic helpers) and school crises to world peace.

So the Running Rants will hopefully be entertaining, and maybe inspire you to find a form of exercise, which will be even better if you can do it with a friend.

I get knocked down....the very first time, but not the last.

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No more excuses - just do it.

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