Friday, 19 June 2015

Ten of the best

I am on Facebook a lot. Especially recently. When I am scrolling through my feed, I often don't have time to read articles properly, or my connection isn't fast enough to open video clips, or even lots of pictures. Then, when I do have time and speed, I've forgotten what it is I want to see. I know I should "share" to my timeline for later watching, but I don't want to do that - what if it's not great, and I've inflicted it on all my besties?

So, I thought, what about a  collection for when you are sitting in bed on a Saturday morning? Your husband has brought your favourite morning beverage, and the kids are not yet awake to claim their share of slow internet. I call that a happy Saturday.

This is my recent "best of"s - interesting articles, good songs, funny comics and clips that are worth sharing and keeping.

It isn't in any particular order.

And this post has nothing to do with the fact that this week I learned how to post a picture on my blog, so that if you "click on the picture" you go straight to the article. Flipping awesome, isn't it?

So here is the best of the social media feeds I've seen recently...all in one place.

It's a pleasure.

Before we begin - don't forget about that most amazing of things - the back button on your browser. Because if you get the "Click on the link/picture" thing right, it will take you to the article/page where I found it. The back button will bring you right back so that you can see the rest of the spectacular links I've gleaned for you. 

1 . We commence with light, good reading. This is on writing (a new passion of mine). By Mia Botha, who did a course I went on. This is humorous, and will help you write better - love it, but sadly no picture link. (We will get there.) Three tips for writers who eavesdrop - an article on eavesdropping and writing. (Click the underlined text.)

2. One of the funniest things I read last week was the 12 comics that nail the reality of parenthood. This is just one - just click on the picture  and you'll follow the link - Voila!
3. Still on the topic of children, but now for the serious. Robyn Wolfson Vorster wrote this brilliant article  - Cry the beloved children - on adoption in SA. It is thought provoking, and if you didn't read it the first time, read it. Now. Before you scroll down. It's not Youth Day for another whole year.

4. I love this catchy song, that thanks to a daughter's phone alarm setting, we all wake up to and sing all morning. It's called Honey I'm good. You need to watch it. Loud. Often. See the arrow in the centre? Click.

5. What would a "best of" list be without the amazing Jonathan Jansen? He wrote "Light the way in a darkling SA" recently, and it is very good. Just click the pic.

Lighting the way - the Prof Jonathan Jansen

6.  You're more than halfway, and you're still here. I salute your dexterity with the back button on your internet browser. 

I was fascinated to read Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook COO), not least because her husband was one of her biggest fans and supporters. Tragically, he passed away, and her tribute to him is one of the most beautiful things I've read. It includes the gems: “Let me not die while I am still alive.” and “There is no end to grief . . . and there is no end to love. I love you, Dave." Sad, heartfelt and worth a read. You know the drill - click the pic...

Sheryl and Dave Sandberg

The u-turn on cholesterol  - why butter and eggs won't kill us after all
7. The picture above links to an article on why the foods we have always thought cause heart disease and cholesterol, are not bad, actually. And science now proves it. Yay for me!

8. I nearly missed this one. It's brilliant. An ad campaign for Ikea that rips off Apple. It could also be used by those who hate e-books and love the real thing (books, that is). Very very clever. And not too long either.


9. It's nearly Wimbledon. Woohoo! For those other Nadal supporters, it may be a sad time. I'm thinking to support Djokovic, not least of all because he is so funny when he rips off Kournikova. This is short, and good.

10. Lastly. I never thought I'd do it. My excuse - I need to keep this clip in a place where I can find it. Since I saw it, I have thought about it often. And it has even influenced me to *takes a deep breath* - Change the way I tie my scarf. Can you believe it? Ok, I can only remember one new way - my brain is that small. That's why it is here - so I can be inspired. Men, I see your eye-roll. But just imagine how you can impress the woman/man in your life with this skill that s/he would so not expect. Oh, apparently the music is quite porno - I wouldn't know (two reasons) - I watched with the sound off, and therefore I still don't know what porno music sounds like. Enjoy.

Many ways to wear the scarf - 

Ten of the Best #2 and Ten of the Best #3

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