Tuesday 6 March 2018

The Sisters Chase by Sarah Healy

Late last year, I did quite a bit of impulse book buying. This one - the cover. It just appealed to me. I think it was the "sister" thing - I'm a sucker for that, at the best of times, but also the image - something about that plunge just did it. So I bought it, not knowing anything about the book or the author. 

I'm now reaping the benefits of having very little self-control. And it's not so bad, I have to tell you. This one was definitely worth the money rashly spent. Here's part of the blurb...

"The hardscrabble Chase women—Mary, Hannah, and their mother Diane—have been eking out a living running a tiny seaside motel that has been in the family for generations, inviting trouble into their lives for just as long. Eighteen-year-old Mary Chase is a force of nature: passionate, beautiful, and free-spirited. Her much younger sister, Hannah, whom Mary affectionately calls “Bunny,” is imaginative, her head full of the stories of princesses and adventures that Mary tells to give her a safe emotional place in the middle of their troubled world."

I like free-spirited. I also like stories of perseverance and hardship. This is both. But then it's also got that hope thing going for it. The story just can't help itself, it hopes for better, and it goes to places that make you smile. But it's also sad.

I liked it - it was a fast paced, non judgemental story with a mentionable twist. But it wasn't that memorable.

3 stars

ISBN: 9780544960077

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