Saturday 23 January 2016

Ten of the Best #29

Good Morning all. And welcome to the weekend. You know it's going to be good - you have power, the wifi speed is at peak performance, and you can put off that list your other half wants you to do for another half an hour while you put your feet up and catch up on what you missed on social media this week. Here's the best ten from my feeds. Scroll through and click on what you missed, and use the back button to come back for more.

1. We haven't done food for a while. Jamie Oliver got together with Ed Sheeran to create a song about eating healthily. Actually the song is about signing Jamie's petition for education about healthy eating, but it is worth a watch. Cute.

2. That KLM ad. Did you see it? You absolutely have to. It's gorgeous. Look at that face!

3. The nerdy grammar post this week is why we use the semi colon - please don't forget people. And stop with the dumb dashes; semi colons are for everyone. ;-) Click the pic for the article.

4. Yes, there is ANOTHER cover of Hello. But this one is awesome. Take a look.

5.  Tom Eaton. On queueing. Home Affairs. Say no more. You know.

6. This bike has MS. A clever clip that tries to illustrate what living with this disease is like.

7. I love blogs. Especially honest mommy blogs. Look at this note. Anyone relate?

8. The running post - why Zuma should run, went viral this week. Kim Stephens wrote it. Here it is for you.

9. What is art for? I enjoyed this. It's from the Guardian.

10. Something sweet, something true, something heartfelt and something out of the blue. Enjoy.

Have a good one, people.

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