Ten of the Best 2015

Every week, I do a round up of all that I enjoyed on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. I started doing this, because during the week, I never found the time to read things properly, or, because of slow download speed (or being in a meeting at the time), I couldn't watch clips, and other things. I needed a time and place to catch up. I found it. On a Saturday morning, teenagers are still sleeping, and the wi-fi in our house is at its fastest. In the absence of the technologically greedy kids, I can download and watch to my heart's content. So make a cup of tea, and join me in my weekly binge.

Here are the 2015 Ten of the Bests:




Ten of the Best #17

Ten of the Best #16

#14 - 26th September
# 13 - 19th September

 #12 - 12 September
#12 - 12th September
 #11 - 5 September
#11 - 5th September


#10 - 29th August

#9 - 22nd August

#8 - 15th August
#7 - 8th August

#6 - 1st August
#5 - 25th July

#4 - 11th July

#3 - 4th July
#2 - 26th June

#1 - 19th June

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